Gonesh - Incense Sticks

Gonesh Sticks - Classic Collection
20 Sticks in each pack
  • Gonesh No. 2 - Perfumes of Oils and Spices. A mysterious blend of perfume oils and spices to create a soothing aromatic experience. A light floral fragrance wafting over deep woodsy notes spiced throughout with the scents of the orient.
  • Gonesh No. 4 - Perfumes of Orchards & Vines. An industrious blend of fruits and berries to create an exhilarating aromatic experience.
  • Gonesh No. 6 - Perfumes of Ancient Times. A comprehensive blend of ancient fragrances to create an aromatic experience that engenders peace and harmony. A strong woodsy fragrance interlaced with spices as old as time.
  • Gonesh No. 7 - Perfumes of Earthly Wonders. A wonderful blend of floral and spicy aromas to provide an uplifting aromatic experience. It is made from a floral key infused with earthy base notes.
  • Gonesh No. 8 - Perfumes of Spring Mist. The cool blend of gentle fragrances to create an invigorating aromatic experience. It is composed primarily of a blend of mellow top notes floating lightly over the much sharper bottom notes.
  • Gonesh No. 10 - Perfumed with Herbs & Flowers. A comprehensive blend of cool ocean breezes combined with a profusion of tropical floral fragrances. A predominately floral aroma subtly cloaked by cool top notes. 
  • Gonesh No. 12 - Perfumes of Green Mountains. A carefully blended assortment of fragrances created to provide a stimulating aromatic experience. A strong floral fragrance interspersed with deep woodsy elements.
  • Gonesh No. 14 - Perfumes from a Mystic Forest. A mysterious blend of earthly scents expertly combined with the scents of ancient civilizations. It is predominately a spicy fragrance over toned with elements of Oriental woods.

Gonesh Sticks - Extra Rich Collection

  • Extra Rich Sage - Gonesh Extra Rich Sage Incense has a strong earthy, herbal scent that is distinct, energetic and cleansing. 
For centuries, sage has been burned in ceremonies across the globe due to its healing and purification properties. The scent of sage can also help to relieve inflammation and headaches, regulate menstrual cycles, and even aids in digestion and improves the health of the digestive system.
  • Extra Rich Black Cherry - Let the smell of cherries fill your home with Gonesh Extra Rich Black Cherry Incense. More fruity than floral, the tart smell of black cherries, strawberries and blackberries creates a powerful yet refreshing scent that lingers long after burning.
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